Traces of Time

Yintong Zhou

: In the middle is a beige brick building with tree branches at the bottom of the photo.

My work focuses on the theme of new and old buildings.   I document scenes where new buildings are built on the foundation of old buildings, which now serve a new purpose.   I am fascinated by these scenes as they represent the intersection and transformation of time and history.   They not only represent the past and present of the buildings but also reflect the changes in people’s lifestyles and values.   I believe that such works can evoke people’s resonance with history, time, and change, as well as their thoughts on urban development and transformation.

I aim to capture the texture, color, and structure of the buildings through the lens, as well as their relationship with the surrounding environment.   I emphasize the texture and layering of the image and explore composition and color to showcase my understanding and feelings toward the scenes.

I hope that my work can spark people’s thoughts on new and old buildings, and allow them to feel the flow of time and history while viewing my works.   At the same time, I also hope that my work can convey my emotions toward buildings, cities, and people to the audience.

On the right side of the picture is an old brick beige building with some glass buildings in the corners and above.
Windows on a tall building and the old brick beige building below.
These are two separate buildings. The old building is on the left and the new building is next to it.
The old building is to be the entrance and the new building is behind the old part of the building.
Yintong Zhou

Yintong Zhou

Yintong Zhou, born in Qinhuangdao, is a senior student at Toronto Metropolitan University.  During the summer breaks, she worked as an intern in several photography studios.  Yintong’s photography style initially focused on portraiture, and she aspired to work in commercial photography.  However, she has gradually shifted her focus to everyday life, landscapes, and nature.  She believes that capturing scenery that happens around us at any time and any place is the most genuine and the most beautiful feedback nature offers us.  Her audience is more likely to be the general public.  Yintong finds that overly commercializing her photography creates an invisible pressure on her that reduces her inspiration and creativity.  She is convinced that treating photography as a hobby is more likely to lead her to discover beautiful scenes.