Never Let Them Shoot Us Down

Taylor Cameron

Portrait of photographer Charlotte Lai

“Never Let Them Shoot Us Down” is a documentary style photo book that showcases a selection of the talented women in the Greater Toronto Area who specialize in concert photography. Capturing the energy of the bands playing on stage in their own unique ways, each photographer strives to create images that are interesting to the viewer and showcase the tone and emotions of the musicians. The book takes you through each photographer’s journey and experiences within the industry, including stories on how they started, a collection of their own images, as well as the struggles they’ve faced working in a male dominated industry. “Never Let Them Shoot Us Down” has been created to raise awareness of the sexism women often have to face in the photo pit, and to shine a light on the amazing work that is being created by these hardworking photographers.

Portrait of photographer Becca Hamel
Portrait of photographer Carly Boomer
Portrait of photoghraper Joanna Roselli
Portrait of photographer Kelsey Gie
Portrait of photographer Kelsey Gie
Photo of guitarist Andrew Berkeley preforming onstage with Palaye Royale
Photo of guitarist Satchel preforming onstage with Steel Panther
Photo of lead singe and guitarist Dani Villarreal performing with the Warning
Self-Portrait of photographer Taylor Cameron
Portrait of photographer Evie Maynes
Taylor Cameron

Taylor Cameron

Taylor Cameron is a Toronto based photographer, working primarily in concert photography and portraiture. Likely to be found in the photo pit at a Rock/Metal show, Cameron strives to capture the raw emotion and energy of musicians on and off the stage. Her love of music is a huge inspiration behind her work, growing up around the bold genre of hair metal. Inspired by the likes of Mark Weiss, Ross Halfin, etc… Cameron aspires to leave her mark on the music world with her photographs.