Sam Vasilaros-Wilson

The photo depicted is in black and white. A man is running up a steep road. He is wearing all black and is captured striding up the road free of cars.

Crossing the finish line of a Marathon must be one of the most rewarding feelings I can think of. All your hard work coming to fruition and a real feeling of accomplishment are what drive so many to achieve this goal. The preparation and dedication to a goal so physically demanding beg the thought that the training is harder than the marathon itself. Pacing, breathing, distance variation, and finding that sweet spot in your own body’s recovery to continue prepping for your race are just some factors that must be accounted for in this process. In this photo series, I intend to capture the battle that is training for a marathon. Depicted in the images is a good friend named Ryan Tomka. A couple of things about Ryan are that he is extremely active from hockey to cross fit to presently marathon training. He would be running in the snow out there even if I was not there with my camera, and the last thing is he sets goals and accomplishes them. Ryan’s dedication to the process has inspired me and is what this photo series is meant to capture and represent.