In My Dreams, I Held You Close

Rahim Perez-Anderson

Surrender: A Baby's-Breath flower rested on top of a folded white cloth in the center of a green grass field with orange, red and brown leaves scattered around on a bright day.

Brotherly love, intimacy, touch, what do those things mean to us? In recent times, I’ve desired to share an intimate bond with my brothers. As we only tend to speak about matters external to each other; media, video games, food and hardly about our hardships or emotions. Holding space with one another to tell stories and have emotionally driven conversations is something completely foreign to us. The reality of not being able to remember a time where I’ve hugged either of my brothers is what makes me want to explore our relationship further. Within several intersectionalities, intimacy among brothers has been lost due to preconceived notions and biases we hold onto. However, positioning ourselves to be vulnerable is the first step into healing what we already have, each other. White is symbolic of surrenderance, vulnerability, and naturalness. By wearing white, we offer ourselves to enter this space of complete openness. ‘In My Dreams, I Held You Close’, exists for others to explore their relationships with their brothers. Why shouldn’t brothers be able to laugh, hug, or even cry? This is only the beginning to discovering ourselves, the ones we dream we could be. Time does not forgive, love one another while we are all still here.

Acceptance: Nathan and Jare, both Black men with mid-length twisted hair are outside on a bright day. They wear white short-sleeved t-shirts and hug each other, facing away from the camera. Jare's hand on Nathan's back and the shadow of Rahim's elbow as well.