The Fragmented Mind

Owen Nabuurs

AO - Two hands holding, orange and white

The human mind is where we reside, yet we do not fully understand our own home. We sit in here observing the world, taking in experiences which we lock away in our memories at various levels of detail. These memories become fragments, not whole videos of motion, yet not a still image. More so a photograph that shifts and twists to reveal the layers underneath. Allowing us to understand the qualities linked to a memory that cannot be seen. The way we see ourselves is an amalgamation of all these memories stitched together in twisted fragments. All our emotions and physical attributes are seen and understood from this one face we see inside our mind. By combining portrait photos of an individual taken during various emotions, this work seeks to visualize in our reality of perception, the way our mind sees. Creating a collage that is visually dynamic and chaotic that can be confusing. But with time, bits of emotions begin to emerge.

Carina - Yellow and Purple with diagonal lines
Geno - Green and dark, hexagons, circles and rectangles
Gigi - Green and orange, circles and diagonal lines
Paul - Blue with circles and rectangles
PN - Hand in squares
Owen Nabuurs

Owen Nabuurs

Owen Nabuurs is a Photographer and Videographer from Peterborough, Ontario. He grew up there with easy access to vast amounts of nature, which has influenced his work and the way he continues to see the world. Always having a love for art, it was not until Nabuurs took a Film Photography class in his last year of Highschool that he found his passion for photography. Since then he has continued onto TMU in Toronto to pursue a photography career. Doing various freelance work while gaining his BFA, and seeking to one day sell fine art prints.