Olivia Boccia

Photograph of a woman’s legs with black silk platform heels on and a black dog figure in the bottom left corner.

This project is an Image Based photographic series that is heavily inspired by works from nightlife photographer Tyrell Hampton and editorial fashion campaigns by Isabel Marant.

The series focuses on the last-minute locations and set-ups of a woman in her early twenties getting ready for nightlife. The images are exaggerated and aesthetical that capture a quick snapshot of the reality of these situations in a finer art form. The photographs are shot using a technique of direct flash to demonstrate a snapshot of the subject’s routine.

Photograph of a blonde woman wearing a white robe with a pink bow in her hair putting makeup on in front of the mirror.
A flay lay image of makeup items splattered onto a white countertop with a glass of wine and a silver metallic purse on the left.
A close-up portrait of a woman smearing lipstick on her lips with long pink nails on.
Photograph of a brass toilet paper holder with pink lipstick spots on the roll.
Photograph of a black lace bra hanging on a gold sconce in the bathroom with a vase of pink dried flowers towards the bottom of the image.
A direct flash photograph of a woman wearing a white robe draped over her shoulders and is directly staring into the camera.
Black silk platform high heels thrown onto a mirrored nightstand leaning against baby pink silk bedsheets.
A figure laying in a white robe wearing white high socks on all-white bedding.
Olivia Boccia

Olivia Boccia

Olivia is a Toronto-based creative who has been in this industry since 2014. She is working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts, currently enrolled in Image Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University, minoring in Curatorial Studies and Communication Design.