Jamie Brennan

A grassy meadow with a pond, a tree, a toy plane, and a toy tractor, floating in a pink and blue morning sky.

I’ve always had a keen interest in the ability to escape time.

Though it’s not physically possible (that I’m aware of), art gives us the closest second option. Through alternate planes of “sur-reality” where time stands still and all that remains is thought, I’m drawn to creating virtual spaces that exist as primordial, meditative landscapes. Anything produced in such a world is entirely personal and arises out of one’s own imagination. Through building small worlds (I like the word “planes”) and taking advantage of 3D software, my goal is to actualize what would otherwise be impossible. If you can think it, you can create it. In this way, through art, I am developing a growing ability to visualize the happenings of my own psyche and come to terms with complex emotions and changes that I may otherwise struggle to deeply understand. Much of my work deals with themes of development, change, nostalgia, and an ever-fleeting youth. Change is an immovable object and there is no simple way to pause time and escape it. I strive to create work that offers a momentary solution; a liminal space to engage with past, present, and future versions of one’s self.

A meadow filled with marigold flowers with a pond, a slide, a play structure, a swing set, a school desk, and a tree, floating in a blue sky and white clouds.
A meadow of wilting brown grass with a pond, an office desk, a waiting room chair bench, and a tree, floating in an orange sky at sunset.
A snowy plane with a frozen pond, a tree, a broken down and abandoned playground, a park bench, and an illuminating street lamp floating in a night sky lit by stars.
Jamie Brennan

Jamie Brennan

Jamie Brennan is a 23-year-old multi-media artist working primarily in the photographic and digital 3D space. With a passion for the surreal, Jamie builds worlds that exist within liminal realms and seeks to explore transitional periods in life, and how growth is realized during these stages.