Extraterrestrial Beings

James Robbins

Side profile portrait with no eyes

The following series captures the discovery of individualism. By being your authentic self, to an opposing eye, it may come across as threatening. Today’s modern beauty standards revolve around having extremely exaggerated features, so unattainable, it could be considered unearthly. Each image is strategically composed to portray uniqueness as well as Implement an alienesque visual approach throughout the series. Extraterrestrial Beings presents a variety of prosthetic portraiture, bringing a dream-like alternate universe to life.

Close up portrait of horns coming out of the subject's chest
the subject is floating in the abyss with a blue light being casted on them
Blue light portrait with white eyes and horns coming out of the chest
Portrait of being with three eyes
Subject leaning on a tree with light being projected on them
Two faces close up with alienesque prosthetics as the focus
James Robbins

James Robbins

Combining makeup artistry, photography and post-production techniques, I bring my art to life. Shooting since I was fourteen, my creative goals have always been to bring a level of fantasy to portraiture.