An Open Mind

Dylan Myhal

A photo looking up at a corner of a building, three power lines align with the corner of the building diagonally across the image. The sky is a bright blue that matches well with the beige exterior of the building.

“An Open Mind” is a collection of minimalist photographs which serve as a commentary on the concept of perspective. Motivated by the belief in the importance of perspective in life, whether it be perspective on morality, social/political issues, personal insecurities, etcetera. Searching for particular, and thought-provoking perspectives throughout regular architecture; the goal being for the viewer to question their perspective while analyzing each image. This piece covers relevant visual themes, such as contrast, colour separation, negative space, and linework. Placing the camera in view of surveillance cameras introduces dialogue between their perspectives in relation to each other. Cropping tightly into images incites a flat and one-dimensional look on the compositions, resulting in an effect which feels disconnected from reality. Power lines and the geometry of architecture are used to direct the viewer throughout the collection of images. Taking advantage of a minimalist approach to photography in order to direct focus to the subliminal themes throughout the piece. To recognize that humankind would be infinitely more understanding and appreciative with the apprehension of subjective perspective in ubiquity. Next time consider what their perspective is, while you’re in an altercation, a dispute with your significant other, compromising with colleagues, etcetera.