Unexplainable Anger

Daniella Valenzuela

The photo features a young woman who is wearing a off-white veil on the top of her head and a white dress with lace, in front of an olive-green backdrop. She is looking to the side with a sad expression. There is white text on top of the image that reads “not even religion can explain this”, text that surrounds her figure that reads”am I an innocent angel?” On one side and “or a sinner that needs atoning” on the other side, as well as text on the bottom of the image that said “Unexplainable Anger”

Unexplainable Anger is a self-portrait project inspired by the concept of female rage and its nuances. In this project, I wanted to show almost an evolution of my anger, starting with the opposite where I am dressed almost saint-like with a white veil, wanting to convey the pressures of needing to be soft to fully expressing this anger with messed-up hair, not attempting to think about the way I appear. In other words, I wanted to show a nuanced view of my emotional self and the inner frustration I have with it.