Color Movement

Daniel Yuan

Model in a rainbow suit and dress pants walking away from the frame, the background a light deep turquoise green. As the model walks away from the edge, the colours from the subject are dragged out in a straight direction, exposing the incredible rainbow colours of the clothes. The clothing was supplied by (KnockTwiceToronto clothing)

With my work I am creating a modern take on a fashion editorial, using the new technology that surrounds us that is constantly upgrading and then mixing it with the images that I will be creating thus creating a flamboyant effect, both for myself and the viewer. Within the work it is a mix of out of the box thinking, movement, colors, and textures.

The way I went around to capture this sense is through the use of vintage clothing. I was able to work in collaboration with a company called (Knock Twice), they are a vintage company that specializes in fixing and reselling vintage clothing. I chose this company because of their variety of colorful clothing they sell, and how it is not meant for high end clients but rather the general public.

How I will express that inexplicable sensation, and emotion is through the use of various levels and layers of post-production editing as well using an editing technique called Pixel Stretching, this will allow the artwork to correspond to different layers that the human mind feels, my interpretations of how to express this feeling outward form the base of my work.

The model is in a blue hoodie and Elvis-style jeans, posing to his favourite song. While his arms are outstretched in his position, the colours from his clothing are also dragged away from him, exposing the movement and colours hidden within the image. The clothing was supplied by (KnockTwiceToronto clothing)
Daniel Yuan

Daniel Yuan

Daniel Yuan is a Headshot, Event, and BTS photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

He received his photography BFA at Toronto Metropolitan University, formally known as Ryerson University in 2023 Since then, and I have started to work in Freelancing photography.

When working with clients, whether it be for headshots or events, I always provide quality imagery. As a photographer, I am not only shooting life or images but any hidden feelings or qualities that were originally hidden.