Baby Flow

Ashley Tajarrod

In this scene, Flow is introduced on an island, which serves as a metaphor for someone who thinks of themselves as an isolated entity.

As an artist, my passion lies in animating my static paintings and drawings to bring them to life. I am particularly drawn to animation as a medium due to its flexibility and versatility, even though it requires a significant investment of time. With animation, I am able to explore limitless creative possibilities and convey messages that static art cannot.

My inspiration comes from my own life experiences, as well as the stories of others. By infusing my drawings with meaningful messages and emotions, I aim to create works that resonate with viewers on a personal level.

My latest project, Baby Flow, is a hand-drawn animation that tells the story of a boy named Flow who overcomes his fear of water to provide for himself. Drawing each frame individually has given me complete control over the project’s style and tone, allowing me to prioritize my artistic intuition and test my abilities as a visual storyteller. I hope that this film connects with viewers and conveys the power of facing our fears and overcoming obstacles in pursuit of our goals.

Flow was by himself until an unknown girl suddenly appeared, swimming in the water.
Flow is excessively contemplating his fear of water, which correlates with the concept of him perceiving himself as an island, as an excessive level of fear can lead to disconnection from reality.
Ashley Tajarrod

Ashley Tajarrod

Ashley Tajarrod, also known as Lettusebe, is an upcoming artist who specializes in digital hand-drawn animation, illustration, and griptape painting. Her artistic style is distinct and visually striking, showcasing her technical skills and her ability to tell stories through her art.

Lettusebe is more than just a name for Tajarrod. It embodies her philosophy of letting oneself be who they truly are. Through her art, Tajarrod aims to inspire people to embrace their individuality and express themselves creatively. Her work is heavily influenced by the tropical landscapes of Hawaii and extreme sports like skateboarding.

With her dedication to bringing her artistic vision to life through painting and animation, Ashley Tajarrod is on the cusp of a promising career in the industry.