Maximum Exposure 28 presents Perennials, the annual year-end exhibition showcasing works by emerging Canadian and International artists attending Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Image Arts. The exhibition features a curated selection of photography, installation, moving images, and digital arts, as well as an accessible online exhibition. Our title Perennials reflects the unfading nature of perennial flora. Though our university and surrounding communities still face the long-lasting effects of recent years, we celebrate our students’ creative resilience and growth.

To be perennial is to persist; enduring and recurring continually, perhaps even infinitely. As artists and creators, our practices follow suit as they are constantly evolving and re-emerging throughout seasons and time. With this in mind, it is with great enthusiasm that we present to you Maximum Exposure 28, Perennials. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of our fellow students.  It is with great pleasure that we would like to thank these students, IMA faculty, staff, and sponsors for making this event possible.

The work that fills these rooms will live on and reflect our time here at TMU, we are Perennials.


The Exhibition Team

Kayla Ward

Molly Steels

Gillian Macdonald

Peyton Keeler-Cox


Andrew Moreno

Na Cozinha da Minha Avó (In My Grandmothers Kitchen)