Intertwined refers to the act of being closely connected, entwined or interlaced. It is a theme that suggests a deep interconnectedness that speaks to how people, ideas, and cultures are inextricably linked. When investigating human connection, we often reflect upon our present—we examine both ourselves and those around us, leaving no stone unturned. As photographers, we are able to depict the ties that link humanity together, visually exploring our intertwined relationship with the world around us. By examining human connection and consciousness through the lens, we can understand our bonds to the world in a way that is linear and conjoined to humanity. 

 This exhibition invites viewers to reflect on the processes and experiences of change, growth, and metamorphosis that are integral to human existence. Viewers are able to reflect on their connections to the world around them and recognize the beauty and importance of our interlaced and ever-entangled relationships. As a group of third-year photography students, we capture the world’s interconnectedness through various photographic images, exploring what human existence means to each of us. The artist’s photographs range from the natural world to complex relationships between individuals, each celebrating our connectedness to the world around us. Collectively, each piece deals with an experience that is unique to the artist’s outlook on society. Although there are general similarities, each perspective provides a visual insight into the photographer’s mindscape. 

Within the exhibition, some works play with mediums beyond straight photography. Artists toy with photo manipulation and sculptural forms that further extend their perceptions of subjects in their environments, whereas others look beyond photography to express their own unique points of view. These pieces, combined with other photographic works, acknowledge individual experiences exclusive to ourselves, while also demonstrating the vast and infinite possibilities the photographic medium offers. 

Intertwined reminds us that despite our differences, we are all part of a more extensive, interconnected web of beautiful and fragile life. We are able to have our own individual experiences that impact those around us, ultimately unifying us and forever binding us together. Although we are our own persons, we are all interconnected and eventually Intertwined.